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the list below contains (mostly) info that came to my attention after the current issue of crochetlab report went live. i update it til the next issue comes out.

note from the curator
/update: 11/06

recent exlorations have led to:

:: check out the yarn museum, honoring the artistry + beauty of handspun yarn

:: Jeffrey Yamaguchi's new book:
52 Projects: Random Acts of Everyday Creativity is out now and available everywhere!!

:: if you design crochet or knitting patterns, you can submit ideas for them by nov. 8, more

:: SOAR scholarship fund in honor of the late crystal canning (of coppermoose fibers in vermont)

:: crafters united/craftrevolution on etsy. they're giving 100% of $ made from donated craft items to hurricane relief fund. over $15,000 donated and acknowledged.

:: new england textile arts will again have their Spa Knit and Spin IV. it is scheduled for February 17-19, 2006 at the Doubletree Hotel in Portland, Maine, and you can make reservations now. open to anyone who wants to hang out, learn, participate.

:: just in case there's anybody who still doesn't know! for people who know how to spin and want to learn more about their own spinning voice, there's room yet at pluckyfluff's east coast (oct. 29 + 30,
pa, usa) workshop/retreat and also room at her california workshop on nov. 5 + 6.

lexi was interviewed in crochetlab #1 here in mar. 2005.

:: birds in any medium
requested by sept. 15
for a show

:: scarf show/competition:
deadline mon oct. 23

:: knitout & crochet/boston: sun. oct. 2
they would like your participation! they're also having a scarf competition to benefit boston medical center.
other knit/crochet outs around u.s.

Innovations in Textiles 6
A biennial collaborative project that features contemporary fiber art in the St. Louis Area. begins late aug. '05

:: you can buy knitknit #6 from crochetlab

........................................................................ living thru experimental crochet
art and research about what happens to string when it is
hooked up to a stick, turned loose and encouraged to run wild








bird request

for lupus awareness month (oct.)

birds will be hung from a county library's
20 by 25 foot ceiling.
birds can be made of any material (collage, paper mache, wood, fabric, etc.) but organizers would like to keep the weight of each bird ornament under a pound for hanging purposes. they would love to see birds of all types and from all over the world.

birds may be personalized with the name of yourself or someone you know with lupus. there will also be a small brochure printed up with the names of all the participants and who their bird honors.

bird(s) should be received by september 15th along with participant information.
participants will receive a brochure and pictures of the installation.

any questions can be sent to Francie at

Please send your bird(s) to:

Art Bird Installation
c/o Francie Horton
P.O. Box 904
Snyder TX 79550



scarves in any medium:
crochet, knit, sew, paint, weave,
braid, bead, the more unusual the better

the only rule is that the art
be no larger than 24"X72"

the show will run from
oct.7th - oct. 21st, 2005
with voting by the public in several categories (including an age 12 and under, fancy schmancy, oddest, most likely to succeed, unusually interesting...)

there will be prizes and the entrants
may either sell scarves at eclectics gallery or have item returned to them after the show closes
if the artist opts to sell, there is a 60/40 split: 60% to artist, 40% to gallery.

deadline is Monday Oct 3rd

send scarves,
the price you'd like item to retail for
and SASE if the item is to be returned, not sold at the gallery (items NOT for sale will be returned by around end of october; items FOR sale will be kept until around nov. 15th) to:

An Artists' Cooperative!
7015 Oak Street
Kansas City, MO 64113











crystal's husband, bill, has asked that a scholarship fund be set up to celebrate crystal's life and lve of fiber thru SOAR, and interweave is accepting donations for it.

If you would like to donate via check or money order, these should be made out to
Interweave Press Scholarship Fund with a notation that the donation is in Crystal's memory, and sent to:
Interweave Press
201 East Fourth St.
Loveland, CO 80537














woolgathered, an online magazine for knitting and crochet, plans to debut on january 15, 2006. they're accepting ideas for patterns until nov. 8, 2005;finished patterns need to be received by dec. 15. (no financial payment, but it sounds like fun) send to





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art and research about what happens to string when it is
hooked up to a stick, turned loose and encouraged to run wild