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march/april 2005
welcome to the first issue of crochetlab report! i've gathered some info that i was interested in finding more about over the past few months. write (linda at crochetlab dotcom) if you have thoughts, comments. for info that wasn't available by the time i decided to go live, see current research (that accompanied issue #1). enjoy! linda

table of contents:

x interview with lexi of pluckyfluff yarns
x wool fairs and fests
x alden amos teaching spinning @ maine fiber frolic
x new england textile artists (NETA)
x moths and how to deter them naturally
x competitions you might want to enter
x boston knitout (and crochet too) national info also

note: this is an archived issue. see the current issue here.
































wool fairs and fests

some new england fairs:
denmark, ME sheepfest: sat. april 16
waltham, MA sheepshearing day at gore place: april 23
CT spring sheep and fiber fest: sat. april 30 ('05)
NH sheep and wool fest: may 14 and 15
MA sheep and wool: may 28 and 29
maine fiber frolic: june 11 and 12

on a related note:
alden amos teaching @ maine fiber frolic

as of this moment, there are spaces left. he's
two sessions on saturday, june 11th.
2 hours per session class fee: $45 per session

a list of nationwide wool festivals and fairs
from spinning fiber community at livejournal

a fiber arts calendar (includes wool fests, classes): fiberocity

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new england textile artists

in february i travelled to portland, maine to attend the free “spa knit and spin” organized by NETA. what i was attracted to was the idea that this is a bunch of fiber oriented people who get together to socialize and skill-share. the event is free. so many women let me try out their wheels and showed me the beginnings of spinning on one. it was great! i hope that there are lots of groups like this around the country.

from their site description: “We are boundary-spanners from all across the many New England Guilds and Associations with two common passions: we love to work with fiber and we love to learn from and teach others.”

their yahoo group

Spa Knit and Spin IV - is scheduled for February 17 - 19, 2006 at the Doubletree Hotel in Portland, Maine.

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moths and how to deter them naturally

i have not used any of the following, but i am definitely going to try one of these recipes!

4 recipes for making yer own herbal moth deterrents
herbal moth deterrents from conscious choice magazine
a little moth sachet
natural clothes moth traps (uses pheremones)

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you might want to enter

from their website:
“The Montana World of Wearable Art Awards Show. An annual non-stop spectacular held in Wellington, New Zealand. Artists and designers from New Zealand and around the world enter truly amazing garments that are presented in a unique two hour show of choreography, music, lighting and special effects.”
takes place: friday sept 23 thru sunday oct 2

entry form available at the above link;
deadline for submissions is may 2 2005

cash prizes  
no entry fee for international (includes US) entrants (nz$45)


2 competitions from the textile center,
minneapolis, mn, usa
at the site, scroll down on the bottom left
for entry forms

retro flexion, showcase of wearable art
$25 (US)entry fee
deadline: friday april 15

“nothing new”, fiber art from recycled materials
$25 (US)entry fee
deadline: friday april 22


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boston knitout (and crochet too)
planning has begun for the event that will take place on sunday, october 2 (updated info), rain or shine
join the yahoo group to stay informed

knitout description from lucy lee, this year's boston organizer: “The Knit Out was started as a knitting and crochet festival in New York City and Washington, D.C. I'm not sure which was first though I think it might be NY. All the local shops and yarn vendors have booths where they show their wares and talk to people but there is no selling.

There is a fashion show and a show and tell for anyone who wants to show off their creations. There are fastest knitter and crocheter contests. There are tables where beginners can learn to knit, people can get technique questions answered and even an area for kids.

At the Boston Knit Out, we also have a lot of local spinners show up to demonstrate and teach spinning. You will also be able to see and talk to people from local knitting guilds.”

general info for knit outs around the u.s. (still had 2004 info last time i looked)

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