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the list below contains info that came to my attention after crochetlab report #1 went live. it was last updated 5.16.05, and will not be updated further. (keeping on the site for reference only.)

what i was looking into:

:: Alden Amos teaching spinning classes at maine fiber frolic

:: 2007 Crochet Pattern A Day Calendar
call for submissions from Accord Publishing

:: call for participation "what's your project?"

:: boston skill share, april 16 & 17,'05

:: freeskools around the u.s & canada

:: pluckyfluff's book "handspun revolution" is now available for sale!!!! it is beautiful and full of great inspiration for spinning your own yarns. get'll be so glad you did!

:: buy knitknit #5 from crochetlab




Alden Amos workshop at maine fiber frolic, sat. june 11. there are still spaces as of 3.23.05

2 hours per session; 2 part session
class fee: $45 per session

text from fiber frolic site:
“Ladies and Gentlemen – Start your Wheels! by Alden Amos

Alden Amos, author of The Alden Amos Big Book of Handspinning will be traveling from California to conduct two workshops on the East Coast. This will be the only opportunity in New England to attend a class with one of the most knowledgeable and engaging teachers in the fiber industry. This two-part session will offer a comprehensive class in handspinning.

Session I will focus on the origins of spinning, first encounters with wool, selecting a spinning wheel, and fiber preparation basics, spinning, twisting and plying.

Session II will be geared toward the advanced spinner with instruction on specific techniques, understanding the advantages and limitations of specific fibers, yarn architecture and marvelous novelties.

Need to bring: your spinning wheel (ready to go) and fiber to spin.

There is limited space available for these
sessions so please register early!”

Accord Publishing
2007 Crochet Pattern A Day Calendar

call for submissions
deadline: nov. 21, 2005

no financial payment; links to you or your favorite charity can be included

info and submission guidelines









from Jeffrey Yamaguchi's “52 projects” website:

52 Projects is a site dedicated to thinking outside the craft. It's all about projects and project-making. Project ideas, projects to create, projects to check out, and projects to participate in. DIY projects, homemade projects, writing projects, photo projects, projects, projects, projects... And more projects.”

this is a text based thang, and wouldn't it be great to send in some crochet related projects? his plan was(is) to publish a book with all the projects (so you're saying you'll agree to be in the book if you submit) and leave it laying around in spots all over the world for people to find. i like that! :)

send him your project! read about what form he wants it in here.

boston skill share

april 16 & 17 at Simmons College
(300 the Fenway) Boston

sign up to teach em crochet, drop spindle or whatever you know! or go there to learn something new!









freeskools around the u.s. and canada

i so love this concept! people offering their knowledge to others for zero financial reimbursment. sign up to learn or teach!

here are some starting points:

boston area  jp freeskool  

portland, or

santa cruz
list of some freeskools from the above

olympia, wa

denver, co

barrington, ca
also from barrington:
links to many freeskools around the u.s. and one in canada, also diy festival info

portland, me

brooklyn, ny




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