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crochetlab is an eclectic compendium of crochet related stuff. the site is built around my curiosity, not any particular knowledge base. i want to explore and be surprised by what i find and share it.

some of the info you'll find here: a magazine- "crochetlab report" - that comes out irregularly, interviews with people i want to know more about and links to places i've discovered along the way. if there is any art/research i uncover that is relevant, i'll include it.

i should probably mention that the info here will really reflect my own interests. i am not interested in following patterns, (hell, admit it, i CAN'T!) but more in discovering what i am creating along the way, and what it is possible TO create. i hope that those who have similar interests will check in occasionally.

if you would like to contribute writing or suggest a topic please do. email me: linda at crochetlabdotcom

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hello! i'm linda scharf, the curator here. i am an artist (living in boston, ma, usa) and i bring to my practice of crochet the sensibilty of a lifelong explorer/artist. you can see my hats and handspun yarn at stoneleafmoon.
better living thru experimental crochet
art and research about what happens to string when it is hooked up to a stick, turned loose and encouraged to run wild